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The Bahamas

Ahhh, The Bahamas. Over 700 islands in the Lucayan Archipelago make up this country known for its tropical climate, warm hospitality and irresistible beaches, marine life, history and sightseeing. Positioned north of Cuba and southeast of Florida, The Bahamas is undoubtedly best explored by charter yacht, where your options for adventure are almost endless. Lose yourself in our Bahamas destination guides below, and then browse our fleet to find the exquisite rental yacht that will transport you to paradise.

Popular Bahamas Destinations


Grand Bahama


Cat Island

Bahamas Exumas


The islands of The Bahamas are ripe with possibilities for an unforgettable yacht charter.  Yet one chain of 365 islands and cays lying east and south of Nassau can provide plentiful entertainment for your entire trip. The Exumas, set like an arc of gemstones in a field of aquamarine waters, offer over 100 miles of snorkeling, beaches and wildlife. 

Nassau and Paradise Island

With 700 islands in The Commonwealth of the Bahamas dotting the aquamarine waters on the northwestern edge of the West Indies north of Cuba – where does a luxury rental yacht adventure begin? Bahamas charter yacht vacations will most often originate in the country’s capital city of Nassau, located on the northern island of New Providence. 

Bahamas Nassau
Bahamas Harbour Island

Harbour Island

Take one sunny stroll across the soft, pink sands of Harbour Island, and you’ll see why it’s a top destination for any Bahamas yacht charter. Harbour Island’s distinct pink beaches are one of its most defining features and part of the reason it ranks among the best beaches in the world.


Your Bahamas yacht charter is about freedom, and there are few places to experience freedom like a visit to Eleuthera. The enticing Eleuthera island— whose name is Greek for “freedom” — is bordered by the crystalline brilliance of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the rich dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. 

Bahamas Eleuthera
Bahamas Grand Bahama

Grand Bahama

The island of Grand Bahama promises you and your yacht charter guests an array of delights perfect for your “I’m on vacation” vibe. Grand Bahama, the north island of the Bahamian archipelago, is where most rental charters originate. You’ll either take a ferry from the US or possibly fly into Grand Bahama airport. 


What you envision for a perfect Bahamas yacht charter is a destination with a lot to offer, and the Abaco Islands presents a banquet of opportunity. The Abaco Islands consist of its two main islands, Great Abaco and Little Abaco, plus nearly a dozen cays that speckle this lovely island chain. 

Bahamas Abacos
Bahamas Bimini


American author Ernest Hemingway called the Bimini Islands his home for two years, and it is no mystery why. Bimini is known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World. It was on these islands that Hemingway spent his days angling—growing a deep love and understanding for the sport, and paving the way for some of his most famous works.

Cat Island

When you picture the ideal tropical paradise for your Bahamas yacht charter, the image you have in your mind is Cat Island. The 150-square-mile island is densely packed with gorgeous landscapes and rich history. The island is surrounded by immaculate Caribbean waters and soft, pink sands. 

Bahamas Cat Island
Bahamas Berry Islands

Berry Islands 

Your Bahamas yacht charter is about experiences, and plenty of experiences await you in the Berry Islands, which lie just 35 miles north of Nassau. Thatch berry palm trees dot the beautiful chain of 30 islands and 100 cays, giving this 12-square-mile charter destination its name. Great Harbour Cay is about eight miles long and home to most of the residents 

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