Berry Islands

Your Bahamas yacht charter is about experiences, and plenty of experiences await you in the Berry Islands, which lie just 35 miles north of Nassau. Thatch berry palm trees dot the beautiful chain of 30 islands and 100 cays, giving this 12-square-mile charter destination its name.

Bahamas Berry Islands

Great Harbour Cay is about eight miles long and home to most of the residents of the Berry Islands. Plenty of events—such as top-class fishing competitions—are hosted at the main settlement of Bullock’s Harbour.

There are many exotic cays to discover as you sail between the Berry Islands. Feel the warm white sand beneath your feet and luxuriate in the crystalline, tropical waters lapping at your toes on what amounts to be a private getaway on many of the uninhabited cays. Ah, the tranquil seclusion!

When you make your way through the Berry Islands in your luxury yacht rental, be sure to include Little Harbour Cay  

in your tour for a lunch stop favored by locals and boaters, Flo’s Conch Bar. As you head south, have plenty of fishing equipment packed. A healthy Billfish population in the waters near Chub Cay provides a magnificent place to fish.

Next, cruise in your charter yacht to one of the most extraordinary scenes in the Bahamas, the high cliffs of Sugar Beach Caves. Explore a diverse set of marine life as you dive or snorkel through the coral reef of Mamma Rhoda Rock.

Get your camera ready and prepare to satisfy your wanderlust as you experience everything the Berry Islands have to offer. Your next Bahamas charter adventure awaits!

Berry Islands bay

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