Cat Island

When you picture the ideal tropical paradise for your Bahamas yacht charter, the image you have in your mind is Cat Island. The 150-square-mile island is densely packed with gorgeous landscapes and rich history. The island is surrounded by immaculate Caribbean waters and soft, pink sands. It is appropriate that such an idyllic island lies at the center of the Bahamas. Cat Island’s name comes from its most notorious visitor, the pirate Arthur Catt. Deserted stone cottages, deteriorating slave houses,

Bahamas Cat Island

and collapsing mills are strewn about the island. All the decaying buildings serve as a humble reminder of Cat Island’s past and an important part of the island’s assorted landscape.

Though the best view will always be from your luxury yacht rental, you can enjoy the second-best view of all the Bahamas, Mt. Alvernia. At 206 feet, Mt. Alvernia towers over the rest of the Bahamas as its tallest point. At its peak, you can see The Hermitage, a medieval-style monastery constructed in 1939.

Cat Island is the sixth largest island in the Bahamas, and at 50 miles long, there is a lot of coast to explore. 

You’ll find plenty to love as you disembark from your charter yacht to walk along the pink and yellow sand and the immaculate waters surrounding this island.

Cruise to Cat Island and experience this historic, idyllic Bahamian island for yourself!

Bahamas Cat Island

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