Your Bahamas yacht charter is about freedom, and there are few places to experience freedom like a visit to Eleuthera. The enticing Eleuthera island— whose name is Greek for “freedom” — is bordered by the crystalline brilliance of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the rich dark blue of the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Bahamas Eleuthera

At approximately 110 miles long and yet never more than two miles wide, this “island of freedom” has a lot to offer during your Bahamas luxury rental yacht cruise, including great weather, especially from December to May when the temperature is a comfortable 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

On its Caribbean side, Eleuthera boasts many excellent areas to anchor your charter yacht and snorkel, sail, dive, kayak, and windsurf. Snorkeling enthusiasts should not miss the Egg Island Wreck, where a nearly 300-foot freighter known as the Armoroa sits on the seafloor. Because it sank upright, you can even see it poking above the water! The Caribbean side is also home to Hatchet Bay Cave, a delight for those with 

an adventurous side. The cave is a mile long and filled with gorgeous, natural formations.

On the island’s Atlantic side, a favorite spot is The Queen’s Baths. The Queen’s Baths are a group of natural, shallow pools carved out of the ocean side rock by the Atlantic’s energetic waves. The sun warms the pristine pools of water, giving them a bath-like temperature and creating a comfortable space for a luxurious yet natural soak.

Eleuthera promises a host of attractions, from long stretches of pink or white sandy beaches and tempting restaurants to the island’s secluded coves and surrounding quiet cays perfect for a relaxing private charter. Visitors to Eleuthera often hike to

Bahamas Eleuthera sunset
Bahamas Eleuthera cove

experience the island’s oceanic duality on the popular Glass Window Bridge, a stretch of arched rock. There are also numerous colonial villages, and pineapple fields galore. For those seeking the thrill of the catch, Eleuthera is very popular for deep-sea fishing, spear-fishing and reef fishing.

Eleuthera is a choice destination for your next Bahamas yacht charter, providing the best that both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic have to offer, plus over a hundred miles of land to bike, hike, and explore when you disembark. Be sure your next Bahamas yacht rental includes several days to enjoy the wonders of this extraordinary island.

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