Antigua and Barbuda

The sister islands of Antigua and Barbuda together form one independent commonwealth as a British-styled locale of the Caribbean. Here, you’ll find reef-studded coastlines, unspoiled white sands, sapphire coves, crystal-clear waters, small bays, and loads of fun activities. With 95 miles of serene coastline surrounded by coral reefs and an incredible 365 beaches, Antigua is one of the most sought-after and alluring island getaways. In addition to its ideal location for starting a private yacht charter (partly owing to its steady wind conditions), Antigua brings together laid-back charm and opportunities for memorable shopping and dining experiences, coupled with a rich colonial history.

Caribbean Antigua

Barbuda, with the Caribbean Sea on one end and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, features a mesmerizing lagoon and the Frigate Bird Sanctuary. Most of Barbuda’s 1600 residents live in its largest town, Codrington. With the population numbers being that low, you can expect a secluded experience. Oh, and the people of Barbuda are mostly hospitable fishermen — you can be sure you’ll be enjoying diverse and delicious seafood!

Antigua and Barbuda are located 25 kilometers (and a yacht ride of 3 hours) apart in the center of the Leeward islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Let’s go Caribbean cruising through 

an itinerary you may choose to see the best of these tempting destinations in your luxury charter yacht!

Start by sailing into the English Harbor (southern end of Antigua) and enjoy sweeping views of both English and Falmouth Harbors from Shirley Heights, a restored military lookout. From here, move west towards Carlisle Bay, which is a quiet beach featuring the Carlisle Bay Resort. Fun fact: Carlisle Bay’s marine park is terrific for scuba diving!

Just 10 minutes away, you’ll find Cades Reef (on Cades Bay), an underwater park perfect for snorkeling and diving. The exotic kingdom of marine life will leave you awestruck! 


Antigua beach, Caribbean
colorful Caribbean homes, Antigua, Caribbean

You then head towards Ffyres Beach, known for its soft, white sands. Here, you can hire a paddleboard and kayak, eat at Dennis – the restaurant nearby, or enjoy a drink at one of its buzzing bars. You then continue cruising towards Deep Bay, a slice of paradise watched over by the ruins of Fort Barrington. Here, you can swim and snorkel and see a hundred-year-old sunken wreck as you do so! Next, you can either sail to North Sound, a peaceful, wildlife haven, or you can skip this and head straight towards Barbuda island. Don’t miss your chance to say hello to whales and dolphins during your cruise! You can pause at Coco Point and enjoy vistas of pink sands and plenty of turtles.


After a break, change the course of your yacht charter and set sail to Low Bay. Here, you’ll get the opportunity to make lots of feathery friends at Codrington Lagoon (including pelicans and kingfishers). And on that note, your dreamy itinerary winds up.

Exploring Antigua and Barbuda promises to be a fascinating experience from your luxury rental yacht, with wonderful sightseeing, beaches, and underwater delights just waiting for your discovery.

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