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We are delighted to provide you with some of the finest luxury yachts available for charter. The below is only a small sample of available yachts. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us. We have access to over 3,000 luxury yachts and our brokers will be delighted to help you find a yacht of your dreams!


I will begin with the word "Fantastic"
From John:

Yvonne , I will begin with the word “fantastic”. Not one person had a single complaint, the food was excellent , the service was great, and the staff accommodated everyone. If we stayed up till four am there was someone there at 4 am. If we wanted fish it was found , we wanted to change locations it was done. There was always hot water for everyone’s showers, the accommodations were very comfortable and of course in excellent condition.
Tony , the Captain always had suggestions of places and things to do on the island visits. We traveled most days in the mornings as people liked to stay up late and sleep in later.
Food was plentiful, and well prepared and served and although we ate a few times onshore the food on the boat was always vastly superior.

EVERYONE was always very polite and pleasant and comfortable to be around.

The tender was a great size and powerful enough for taking groups to shore or for water sports. The jet ski was also well used by everyone and readily available.

Fresh towels and cleaning everyday , the weather might have been better on a few of the days but that’s not the fault of the captain 🙂
The boat has a lot of space and various sitting areas allow for both comfort and distance away when needed from fellow passengers.

The salons are extremely quiet which I found quite surprising .

I took the bow cabin with the two bathrooms which was great except for those early morning starts when the anchor must be raised .

The Wi-Fi worked great ,the bays the captain put us into were always beautiful and comfortable. The captain is very experienced, and everyone felt very safe at all times because he was totally trusted .

There was nothing we lacked , a few of the items we had ordered never made the boat but other than that a perfect trip and perfect experience.


Amazing, Amazing and So Freaking Good
I spoke with Cameron about an hour ago, and his words were:

“The boat was F’ing AMAZING!”
“Crew were ALL AMAZING!
“Food was So Freaking GOOD!”

“ Never before has a Skipper offered to “pack up whatever liquor remained” at departure. It was a very generous and gracious touch.”

“We told the crew we will HIGHLY recommend Charter Specialists book this yacht and this crew, as much as possible!”
“We are passing along your contact info, Judy to everyone we know!”
Only Compliments

Mr H. is a man of few words

I asked him for his opinion on many things but he says only this via his PA:

“Mr. H. said it was all very good and he only has compliments for everyone and everything”

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