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Russian clients, July 2020
On July 2020 we were traveling around Greece. It was an amazing journey with a super amazing crew!!
Big Thank You!!!
Broker (Monaco), July 2020
Thank you very much for good job done about this charter on Grande Amore. The clients are happy and they liked everything.
Greek Client, July 2020
A big thank you to the Captain and to the wonderful professionals of Grande Amore!!!!
Soon at our next trip together!!
French Broker, August 2020
Congratulations to you and all the crew, you did a fantastic job, my clients were very very happy. They loved all the crew, the food was excellent and they loved the boat, thank you all again.

... just wanted to thank you (and all the crew) again for the fantastic work you did on our charter. It was great to work together and I really appreciate everything you did to secure the success of the charter
Greek Clients, July 2020
Amazing Yacht – Great Crew, Great Company!!
Great Time!! I can not wait until the next adventure on this Fantastic Palace!!!


The yacht is unique
The crew is friendly and cheerful
The Chef’s food was remarkable
Everything was wonderful!!!!!
Swiss Clients, August 2020
A massive thank you for this fantastic week !!! Will be remembered through all the new scars on my body...!! Great staff


Fabulous ! Thank you for all the perfection.. still dreaming!


Thank you all for an amazing week!! We had so much fun with you!! I will never forget the Zorba !! The food was incredible & the water sports with Hanibal & Raphael were unforgettable!!
Irish Clients, August 2020
What a perfect week !!
A big thank you from all of us.! We are truly spoiled!!


A wonderful week an amazing staff!! Thank you for everything!
Bulgarian Clients, August 2020
A very big thank you to the whole GRANDE AMORE team for making our stay truly wonderful and memorable. It was a truly magnificent journey and a much appreciated experience, starting from the tasty cuisine, great service on this amazing yacht, the beautiful bays, and the joyful amusement in the water.
Greek Clients, August 2020
The “Grande Amore” becomes the big love of your life and you always want to return to it.
The warm and willing staff, the gastronomic feats, the sailing beauty in enjoyment and deep rest.
Every time GRANDE AMORE for ever!!!
Russian clients, May 2021
We want to say thank you to the all GRANDE AMORE team.
It was an amazing week and we will never forget it.
We hope that we will come back as soon as possible to repeat our unforgettable trip.
Russian clients, June 2021
Thanks for Grande Amore boat for a wonderful 2 weeks holidays trip
We are happy like elephants
The best and most friendly positive crew team
Thanks a lot
Broker (Monaco), July 2021

A short-notice charter with a complicated itinerary and difficult weather was organized promptly and professionally – many thanks to Central Agent team, GRANDE AMORE Crew, and Captain Christos who did an amazing job. The Client said he was absolutely satisfied with everything onboard.
Canadian, English, French & Bahrain Clients, July 2021
To the GRANDE AMORE team,
Thanks for an amazing holiday and a great charter.
Hope to see you soon!!
Saudi Clients, July 2021
Thank you so much!!!
The best Crew ever!!!

Thank you so much for having a great time, love you all
Much love


Thank you for the best time ever!!!
You made it special!!
Russian Clients, June 2021
Our family were on the board from the 2 to the 16. Our arrival was fun and we really enjoyed our time.
Thank you to the crew for their time, we don't want to leave.
We are 100% coming back.

Russian clients, August 2021
Thank you for a beautiful holiday.
Best of wishes!!!!!
Russian clients, August 2021
Thank you very much.
The Chef makes the best food in Greece.
Also thank you for your service
We will be back
Russian clients, August 2021
Thank you for your wonderful vacation, thank you for your excellent service and responsiveness.
Thank's to you we realized that Greece should be viewed from the sea and thanks to you we realized the Greek beautiful people with beautiful cuisine and unique nature.
You are a great team!!
Russian clients, September 2021
Thank you all for this magical trip! We were absolutely happy with you all these 10 days! Everything was amazing and the service and the boat! But the most perfect is the caring and attentive people! Amazing crew all of you! We and the kids are very excited about the trip, everything was perfect! Greece is amazing! Kisses, hugs we will miss you all!

Israeli Clients, May 2022
Thank you to the incredible crew of GRANDE AMORE.
We had a fabulous, unforgettable experience and enjoyed your gracious service every day.
With much appreciation.
Dutch Clients, June 2022
Dear CA Crew,

What a professional and Fun Crew. We loved our days with you.
Never a dull moment with Kathya, Anna, Perry, and all the others as a change of our days.
Captain Christos you are the best captain and as our guide and bodyguard.
Lots of love
Italian Clients, June 2022
Days filled with love, happiness and a lot of laughs.
Thank you for taking care of us in the best way, for always being present and for being so sweet.
And thank you for one of the best weeks of our lives.
GRANDE AMORE Crew you are the best
See you soon Greece
See you soon Grande Amore


A little bit of luck from the Iconic E/E of Mykonos
Thank you for being such a special crew and taking care of us
The girls of the boat
Greek Clients, June 2022
Everything was perfect. The crew and also the captain are helpful, friendly, professional, and very organized.
The chef prepared for us one amazing dinner and one very healthy breakfast.
I recommend it for sure.
USA Clients, June-July 2022
Dear CA Group!!
We hand a blast on board 9-day tour!!
Thank you for showing us around and taking care of us!!
We love spending our time with you guys!!
Thank you
Lots of love
Australian Clients, July 2022
Appreciation Letter to the staff of "GRANDE AMORE"
I myself and the rest of the family had a fabulous time. I thank all of you for your beautiful service and am grateful for all your good performances and given support when we all needed it.
Cypriot & Cranada Clients, August 2022
Dear Dream Team,
You made dreams come one, from the moment we stepped on board we felt like magic stars!!!
The trip was amazing, everyone treated us like rock stars!!
The service, food, and being looked after 24/7 were unbelievable.
Thank you captain Christos for making us feel part of your home!
P.S. Thank you for also accommodating our little asks that could be a handful.

To everyone, if you visit South Africa, all homes will always will be open and we hope we can give you the same hospitality.
Love always,
Spanish & Mexican Clients, July 2022
Dear GRANDE AMORE Captain & Crew
Thank you so much for making us so welcome to this fabulous corner of Greek paradise.
Captain Christoph & Bosun Dimitri we doubt there is anyone with more local knowledge.
The best of the guys were as well fabulous Anna and Kateryna you pampered us all the way, Chef your cooking is fit for Olympians!!!
Thank you very much
Your friends from Mexico
English & French Clients, August 2022
Dear Grande Amore, I love all the fun in the 7 days
This was very fun & good 7 days, I hope that we can come again.
Danish Clients, July-August 2022
Dear Captain and Crew of GA
Thank you for a great cruise of the beautiful islands of Greece
You did a great job with the Nany.
Different wishes of our two families
We wish you good luck on your future randevous
French Broker, August 2022
I have received the feedback from the clients' charter, and am very pleased to share it here

Hi, Hope this email finds you well! Back in SA !

We absolutely loved it. The Yacht and the Crew were really great, The Captain went out of the way to please us, The yacht was always clean and the food was great! We would definitely charter the yacht and crew again!

Thank you for your assistance and will contact you soon regarding next year's trip!

Kind Regards,

As I have already said to Captain, congratulations on what was clearly a very well executed charter, and thank you. This is a very good example of the expression “all’s well that ends well” and I will certainly be looking to promote Grande Amore to these clients again as well their friends and acquaintances.
Bulgarian Clients, August - September 2022
Dear Crew

This was an amazing experience mostly because of our fantastic service and dedication.
Thank you so much for everything and we are looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Hugs, Kisses, and lots of love.
Turkish Broker, July - August 2021
I’d like to share with you the feedback regarding our charter onboard GRANDE AMORE.
First of all, thank you for putting in all the efforts for the charter to go smoothly and successfully. Your team was very supportive during the preparations - itinerary, restaurant advice, weather tips for Greek islands, provisioning for the charter, etc.
I was also very pleased to meet your team onboard GRANDE AMORE prior to embarkation who was there to make sure that everything was ready and fine for the charter to start.
The yacht was very well prepared and ready, clean, well maintained when I came to greet the guests in Lavrio. She is a classic, beautiful and very spacious Benetti that met all the expectations of the guests. She does offer great accommodation for the guests. Captain Christos was very helpful with the itinerary, booking the restaurants, last minute searching for special products on the islands, calling me and telling me that everything is going well. He was very easy to work with in my experience.
The guests’ PA shared that they liked the journey, and as far as I remember they expressed it via crew gratuity.



Thank you for trusting me and asking for the feedback regarding our cooperation with you as a C/A.
I am glad to say that our cooperation for the charter onboard GRANDE AMORE was successful. I can’t say any other way. It was a difficult time with Covid restrictions, risks that the guests wouldn’t make it to Greece, addendum and all these issues. I was a bit stressed during this period due to these risks, but it all went well. And you were supportive and very informative - you kept me up to date on what would happen if guests couldn’t come, what could be done to avoid money loss if such a possibility actually was more likely to happen.
And by the way, it was my first charter onboard a 40+m yacht, and I’m grateful for your help with it.
To be honest with you, I can’t easily remember what could be improved - you were great with knowing the contracts, the rules, you were informing me on risks what happens if the money doesn’t hit the account on time, what could be done in advance if the guests feel that they couldn’t come due to the Covid restrictions. As I mentioned - these things stressed me, but it was the reality to be aware of. And I was learning things about my job during this process, for which I’m thankful to you. I’m glad I could improve my knowledge. So from my side I can’t really think of things to be improved.

Armenian & Ukrainian Clients, September-October 2022
Dear Crew,
Thank you for the amazing hospitality and very warm and kind service.
It was a great pleasure!!!
US Clients, October 2022

We have so enjoyed being in the most beautiful places in the world with you all the past few days. From Hydra to Aegina and everywhere in between our time in Greece has been on of the most amazing experience of our lives. Huge thank you to you all!! We could not have asked for a better group to be with our trip of a life time. Lots of love to you all and please come see us soon in Austin. TX USA!!
Spanish Clients, August 2022
Bulgarian Clients, June 2023
The best crew ever!!! Thank you!
With much love

The experience was amazing and all of you were so so nice!
The service was perfect, up to the last detail! Thank you for being the greatest crew!!
Russian Clients, June 2023
Thank you very much the team for a wonderful holiday, special thanks to the captain for the professionalism of the whole team. wish you 7 feet under the keel. Thank you!
Italian Clients, July 2023
Greece is Special
Just seen wonderful places
Special thanks to Irina.
Saudi Arabian, French & British Clients, July 2023

The most awesome crew with such big hearts! Thank you for indulging us and making our time on board so memorable!!
Full moon
Beach BBQ’s
Best trip ever // Week 1 Continue (turn page) for week 2


So, week 2 of being on GA and the one thing that is so evident is: that the crew makes the yacht. With all the wonderful amenities of this yacht, it’s best asset is the amazing crew. Where no request is 2 much and everyday greats you with you with a big smile. Thank you so much for making our trip so special and thank you (crew) for being the wonderful human beings that you are.. We will miss you!!


Thank you for the excellent service, the incredible knowledge and the most amazing trip. From Teddy’s incredible boy of 17 months !! Dimitris’ knowledge of Greece. This trip has been as much about the crew as of the boat!
All the best


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for any right thing you did for us. You are all such beautiful people and deserve all the success, love and happiness. Thank you…. Thank you…. Thank you…….


Thank you for splash splach


Thank you to all the crew, especially to Karin, Iryna and Angelos for making all our requests come true!! From oat meal with curcuma, to yoga sessions, jenuel tea and padel boarding marathous. I love you all!! Thank you to the Captain for taking us to the beautiful spots and truly making a dream come true!! I win return the favour in hisbon.


To Grande Amore
The most awesome crew with a big heart. Thank you for indulding us and making our time on board so memorable
Great coves
Full moon
Tendering into the night
Embracing 2 x underls
Beach BBQ’
Irish Clients, August 2023
To the crew of Grande Amore,
Thank you so much for the most fantastic week!!! Between the incredible food prepared by chef, especially the lamp and the Grande Amore salad and the lengths of deck crew went to throw us all off the sofa inflatable, we enjoyed every minute. We all can agree the beach bbq was such a special evening which we will never forget.
Thanks again and hope to see you again.
British & French Clients, August 2023
Thank you Theodoros, Savas, Irina, Karin, Theodors, Sakis, Dimitris, Vagelis, Nikos , Rula!
You are true Greek Heroes!
Our stay was most relaxing and delicious tasty (food cooked by Savas and Rula)
Irina and Karin were most attentive and warmly received us even at 2am *when we came back on the boat from Corfu town)
We felt truly welcome in Greece
God bless you

Thank you for the fun and cooking lessons in the kitchen, and soffa, seabob, jetski, pedel
Danish & American Clients. September 2023
From the bottom of our hearts thank you.
Because of you, we created memories. That will last a lifetime. Today was one. We will never forget a birthday surrounded by dear friends and family. Thank you for making this day so special.
See you soon
With love

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