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Previously named Walanka

CaptainGavin Small United Kingdom 1969 MCA Master (Yachts) 500GT Unlimited, Chief Mate 3000GT Unlim
Number of Crew: 6Languages: English, Turkish, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Portuguese, Italian (Basic), Greek (Basic)

Crew Profiles:
Captain: Gavin Small
Nationality: United Kingdom
Born: 1969

Gavin has been sailing for over 20 years, and it has been his passion since he was young. He has sailed across the Atlantic and cruised the Mediterranean, Baltic and the Caribbean, exploring different parts of the world and experiencing different cultures.

As a yacht captain, he has had the privilege of leading a team of professionals and ensuring the safety and comfort of his guests on board. He takes pride in providing an unforgettable experience to his clients, whether it's a relaxing cruise or an adventurous trip.

Being a yacht captain requires a lot of dedication, hard work and attention to detail. It's not just about sailing, but also about managing the crew, maintaining the yacht and providing excellent customer service. But the reward is worth it for Gavin, as he gets to witness the beauty of nature and share it with others.

Gavin is passionate about what he does and he looks forward to continuing his journey as a yacht captain, exploring new destinations and creating unforgettable memories.

Chief Stewardess: Judy Maria Clemente
Nationality: Philippines
Born: 1973

Having entered the yachting industry in 2016 and moved through a progression of roles on beautiful yachts, Judy has an intimate knowledge of classical quality housekeeping. She will ensure that your time aboard is comfortable and that all your needs are cared for. She knows just how to make you feel at home and fulfils all of your wishes with a smile.

Hard work, versatility, and experience have taken Judy beyond the Philippines to Taiwan, Abu Dhabi, Greece, Monaco, and further afield. She is driven by attention to detail. While passionate about her work,

Judy also has a wonderful sense of humour and is very much a Ship Mother to all the crew. (In her private time, you may catch her giving karaoke performances in the Crew Mess).

Chief Engineer Ali Vural
Nationality: Turkey
Born: 1991

Ali’s love affair with the sea began in his childhood, growing up on the west coast of Turkey. Welcomed into the industry by older family members, he started working in the shipyards close to his village. His talents were quickly recognised and by his mid-twenties, he led a team of engineers implementing a wide range of tasks on some of the world's finest megayachts.

Having overseen a complete refit of all mechanical systems aboard Jura II, including rebuilding her original Scottish engines to perfect condition, he decided to expand his horizons still further and joined the Ship as Chief Engineer. With Ali in command of the engine room, guests can be assured there will be no surprises and nothing will disturb their vacation. Also, for those interested, he will be delighted to offer guests a tour of his pristine domain in the Engine Room.

Chef: Jacobo Montero Parguina
Nationality: Spanish
Born: 1982

In 2023 Jura II spent the winter in La Coruna, Spain. While there, the owners discovered many wonderful restaurants in the city. Returning to one restaurant in particular which they had enjoyed, they met the owner and chef, Jacobo. In conversation, Jacobo confessed a desire to go to sea as a Chef aboard a private yacht. Two months later Jacobo was aboard Jura II!

Running his own successful restaurant in La Coruna, where the standard of cuisine is extremely high, he developed a true passion for food preparation. He loves different cuisines from around the world and will delight you with his international cuisine, from Spanish Paella to Thailand Pad Thai. His greatest satisfaction is when guests come to the galley to tell him how happy they are with the food he has presented. If you see him jumping off the boat as soon as we touch land, be assured he is off to the local market to find something fresh and delicious for us all to enjoy.

First Mate / Deckhand: Vinicius Degrave
Nationality: Belgium
Born: 1996

Vinicius is a motivated individual, striving for excellence from a merchant navy background and sailing from a young age he is a well-qualified addition to our team, focused on delivering an outstanding service every time.

Stewardess / Deckhand: Mýa Lloyd
Nationality: United Kingdom
Born: 2004

Her first two seasons in this role, in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, have confirmed Mýa’s passion for the industry and ignited her enthusiasm further to grow and learn.

She enjoys travelling and exploring new places, trying different cuisines, hiking and everything relating to the ocean from swimming to water sports and she is eager to continue experiencing new activities. Keeping active, enjoying the outdoors and meeting a variety of new people are all important to her and working on the ocean is a passion for which she is grateful to be pursuing a career.

A qualified childminder and very competent in interior service, line handling and tender driving, Mýa looks forward to looking after our guests and ensuring they have a wonderful sojourn aboard Jura II.

Mýa looks forward to working with the crew to create high-quality and memorable experiences for guests onboard.

Note: While Mýa is a qualified child-minder, the yacht will not take responsibility for children on board and they remain the parents' responsibility at all times. No child-minding services are offered on board.

Gavin Small

Judy Maria Clemente
Chief Stewardess

Ali Vural
Chief Engineer

Jacobo Montero Parguina

Vinicius Degrave
First Mate / Deckhand

Mýa Lloyd
Stewardess / Deckhand

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