The most desired 2024 luxury travel destinations according to TikTok

Dec 7, 2023

Many people are increasingly using TikTok proactively as part of their travel plans. Internationally, 39 percent of Gen Z use social media platforms like TikTok to help plan their holidays, with one-fifth following travel influencers on social media.

With this in mind, we’ve provided some 2024 destination inspiration by ranking TikTok users’ most desired luxury travel destinations from best to worst.

To accomplish this, we standardized the latest available data for each destination in categories such as ‘total number of TikTok views’, ‘population density’, ‘Michelin hotels and restaurants per capita’ ‘spas per capita’ ‘swimming pools per capita’ to rank TikTok’s most desired luxury travel destinations around the world out of ten.

Santorini in Greece is ranked as the best of TikTok’s most desired luxury travel destinations for next year with an overall score of 10/10. Perhaps unsurprising considering its white sand beaches, tropical climate, and bucket list reputation for island hopping and romantic getaways.

The allure of this volcanic island lies in its luxurious whitewashed houses nestled atop the caldera cliffs, offering breathtaking vistas of the Aegean Sea with captivating sunrises, and mesmerizing sunsets.

The island’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is complemented by its opulent hotels, renowned for their exceptional services and amenities. These lavish accommodations, set against the backdrop of extraordinary, picturesque landscapes, create an enchanting fairy-tale setting that appeals particularly to honeymooners.

While Santorini only has 13th highest number of TikTok views overall, in terms of luxury, it scores top marks in our study due to its high number of spas, Michelin hotels and swimming pools. It is also the least densely populated, highlighting its exclusivity among travelers.

Saint Tropez in France (7.87) is in second position with 119,300,000 TikTok views and scoring highly for its number of Michelin-starred restaurants. It has the fifth lowest population density of the towns studied, which means it still holds that element of exclusivity for those seeking the ultimate luxury travel experience.

Positano in Italy (6.35) is in third position. Italy experienced an 86 per cent increase in visitors this year and Positano climbed up the ranks in terms of TikTok views too. Call it the White Lotus effect – as there’s been an influx of influencers and celebrities flashing the cash in Positano, as well as Cannes and Capri. Experts believe this began after the second season of the show launched earlier this year.

Ubud in Indonesia (4.71) and Ios in Greece (4.60) complete the top five most desired luxury destinations for TikTokkers in 2024.

However, what we find most interesting is the unexpected locations which appear on our list of 24 destinations.

Here’s our five most unexpected luxury travel destinations, appearing in our study, which travelers may wish to have on their radars next year…

Ios, Greece

TikTok views: 18,800,000,000

Position in rankings: 5th

Nestled among the 220 islands comprising the Cyclades, Ios is renowned as a premier party destination among the Greek islands.

However, don’t let that deter you. Beyond its party reputation, Ios has undergone a deliberate transformation in recent years.

With a concerted effort, the island has been gracefully redefining itself, focusing on enriching its culinary scene, diversifying its accommodations, and fostering artistic ventures.

All the while, it remains committed to safeguarding its untouched beaches and preserving the island’s natural splendor.

Leogang Austria

TikTok views: 193,100,000

Position in rankings: 7th

Tucked away about an hour away from Salzburg lies the quaint ski village of Leogang, boasting a modest 5,900 tourist beds—roughly half the capacity of St. Anton. Despite its smaller size, this low-key yet luxurious ski resort has been steadily gaining popularity as more visitors discover its hidden charm.

Notably, Leogang has earned acclaim as one of Austria’s premier destinations for cross-country skiing, offering an extensive network of 150 kilometers of cross-country pistes. The luxury chalets nestled in the Austrian Alps are synonymous with exceptional quality, and the ones found in Leogang are certainly no exception, upholding the same elevated standards.

Locorotondo, Italy

TikTok views: 5,000,000,000

Position in rankings: 15th

Locorotondo is one of Puglia’s most attractive towns with a proudly conserved, easily-walkable centre and general, relaxed ambience.

Within Locorotondo lie several spectacular sites that captivate visitors. These include the Trito, San Marco, Tagaro, and Serra districts, as well as noteworthy landmarks like Villa Basile Caramia, Palazzo De Bernardis, the ancient Trullo of the Marziolla district, the distinctive alleyways known as “cummerse,” and the breathtaking Zuzù area.

Locorotondo Leonardo Trulli Resort is all TikTokkers can talk about, as travelers share their experiences of the Leonardo Suite, an underground bedroom that used to be a 300-year-old wine cellar.

Bodrum, Turkey

TikTok views: 13,000,000

Position in rankings: 16th

The Bodrum peninsula may be small in size, but it hosts an impressive array of offerings— from exquisite dining experiences to luxurious hotels and a thriving high-cultural scene—all within a stunning setting. It stands out as the most prestigious area along the Turkish Riviera, drawing the super-wealthy who moor their yachts here every summer while celebrities seek refuge from the paparazzi in secluded bays.

However, Bodrum isn’t solely defined by opulence; it also embraces Turkey’s traditional village life, providing a glimpse into the country’s rich heritage. Moreover, the region boasts a burgeoning wine industry currently experiencing a remarkable revival, adding yet another dimension to Bodrum’s diverse appeal.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

TikTok views: 2,800,000,000

Position in rankings: 22nd

When your city is rife with overtourism, how do you keep on top of the ever growing crowds? Well, Amsterdam has chosen to tackle this issue through a focus on luxury.

A concept initiated by Luxury Amsterdam involves curating a collection of high-end destinations and experiences across the city. The aim was to concentrate on luxurious offerings, providing visitors with a comprehensive experience.

And it seems to be working, as Amsterdam now offers more top-tier hotels, exclusive restaurants, upscale boutiques, renowned museums, and even diamond factories.

Amsterdam also caters to diverse tastes, whether indulging in spa treatments at wellness centers, savoring meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, or staying at distinctive and upscale accommodations.

All of these offerings are increasing the buzz around Amsterdam across TikTok and we think this will only increase in 2024.

St. Kitts Island in the Caribbean


Several data sources were used in this study, including:

Once we had the data for each factor, we standardized their individual results using the following min-max normalization formula:

Result = (x-min(x))/(max(x)-min(x))

This provided every location with a score between 0 and 10 for each data point. These numbers were then combined and normalised again to give us the final ranking scores out of 10.