Seven Reasons Why: The Mystique of Chartering a Private Yacht

Aug 17, 2021

When was the first time you ever heard of chartering a private luxury yacht for an extended trip? Back in 1990, I met some new friends, Mary and Gary, who told me that they chartered a private yacht for their honeymoon. Of course I had heard of cruise ships, but to find out that it is really possible to have your own yacht for a week? That sounded like heaven!

My friends raved about the food on board, the ports, and of course, the adventure. They chartered a catamaran for themselves and two family members to the British Virgin Islands. According to Mary, the crew was amazing – giving diving lessons, taking them to snorkeling spots, and preparing special meals, including lobster. One of their best memories of the trip is visiting private islands in BVI where they were the only ones there. Walking on a gorgeous beach as honeymooners, all alone…how else can you do that except through a private charter?

You, too, can create wonderful, lasting memories by scheduling a private rental yacht vacation that you can essentially design yourself – to please yourself! Gather your favorite people, start a fresh notebook or computer file, and begin dreaming. The mystique of visiting faraway lands, transported aboard a luxury vessel with every need attended to…it all begins with your creativity and spirit of adventure.

1. Where do you want to go?

Now is the time to stretch your imagination, because anywhere there is water or a port is fair game. Close your eyes – where do you picture yourself? (Go on, try it.) Have you always wanted to go to Greece? Cruising between the islands of Rhodes and Crete, viewing the caldera of Santorini from the water before you disembark to explore its Mediterranean delights – yes – it’s possible. Maybe a tropical destination is your goal – perhaps a week of sunbathing and snorkeling in the exotic Caribbean or Bahamas, wearing little more than a smile. Is that your style?

yacht deck
on a yacht jacuzzi

One of the advantages of planning a private yacht charter is that you design the itinerary. A charter specialist can help with the timing and point out things to know and consider, but you are in charge. Where do you want to go?

2. Privacy – delicious privacy.

The last time you went on a cruise ship vacation, before COVID-19 of course, you probably took a trip with at least 3,000 of your closest friends. The pool or spa on your private yacht charter is for you alone, sanitized following all CDC regulations of course, no sharing required. Your crew can find a secluded beach for you on a private island – honeymoon or not. The crew will be there for your group alone, catering to your every need. And when you are ready for a cool drink or appetizer – all you need to do is ask, because those long lines of other people were not invited.

3.  A Crew for You

Charter yacht crews go above and beyond with personalized service for their clients. Your crew will want to know what your likes and dislikes are, so they can offer the services you enjoy. From providing fresh towels to presenting sumptuous meals to providing suggestions for your trip, the crew will be at your beck and call. Before your charter, you will fill out Preference Sheets that detail the foods you like, the things you like to do, and more. Imagine boarding and your favorite beverage awaits, setting the stage for a vacation like no other!

4. The yacht of your dreams

Depending on your vision, there is a charter yacht just right for you. Whether you imagine an outdoor, fun-in-the-sun catamaran, or a sleek luxury yacht, your private charter yacht is waiting. Amenities that stretch the imagination can truly be found on the water, including yachts with motored RIB boats, waverunners, wakeboards or other water toys, plus media rooms, gyms, bars, bowling allies, spas and pools, up-to-date electronics and more, all designed with style and for your enjoyment. Your search for a yacht with your charter specialist will incorporate your budget, your destinations, room for all your overnight guests, and the features that you and your group require and desire.

dining on yacht
yacht fine dining

5. It’s your time.

Remember that cruise ship voyage? You stopped at a port, and had four hours to see a magnificent, historical city. You really wanted to linger at a local market, or take in a museum, but there was only so much time. Or how about when you were a kid on a family driving vacation, and you wanted the family to stop at that cool-looking place you’d seen advertised on a billboard you just passed. Why did Dad always say no? Because you had a schedule, and the sky would fall if you didn’t make it to Grandma’s in time for dinner, because you said you would.

How liberating is it that on your private luxury charter, you can stay as long as you want, or as little as you want? If you have planned to visit a port and arrive to find that it is not to your taste, just tell your captain. Is the weather not cooperating? Move on. Your crew is flexible. Of course you will have an initial plan, a boarding location and a disembarking location, but your itinerary can be as fluid as the sparkling wine in your crystal goblet.

6. Perfect for your special occasion.

Expansive open decks, luxury salons with comfortable yet elegant furnishings, formal dining rooms that speak eloquently through their style and design…imagine your special occasion on a yacht just right for you. Plan an intimate wedding onboard followed by a honeymoon like no other; a family birthday celebration complete with water toys at your disposal as you’ve only imagined; an island-hopping cruise to shop, dine or just to satisfy your wanderlust, or a trip to check that stunning, secluded beach off of your bucket list…a private yacht can accommodate any celebration.

enjoying the charter

7. Guidance to help your dreams come true

If you have never chartered a yacht for a term charter, relax – there is no time like the present. Charter specialists work with discerning customers like you from the beginning of your planning through to flawless execution of your trip. You’ll have questions – which is why the charter representative is there as your guide.  Helping you find the right yacht for your group, advising on dockage, on destinations, and clarifying your preferences – these are the roles of your yacht charter advisor whose goal is to help you mold all of the possibilities into an enchanting charter that’s just right for you.

The mystique of a private yacht charter includes sparkling turquoise waters, perfect destinations, new adventures, pampering by your dedicated crew, and memories to savor for a lifetime. Close your eyes, begin dreaming, and make it happen…plan your idyllic charter yacht escape.