What you envision for a perfect Bahamas yacht charter is a destination with a lot to offer, and the Abaco Islands presents a banquet of opportunity. The Abaco Islands consist of its two main islands, Great Abaco and Little Abaco, plus nearly a dozen cays that speckle this lovely island chain. Prepare for your banquet, because each island and cay has something unique to offer!

Bahamas Abacos

Picture your luxury yacht rental arriving at Marsh Harbor, Abaco Island’s magnificent capital city. Great Abaco’s Marsh Harbor has an active and wonderous nightlife and is dotted with remarkable restaurants around every corner. Depart Marsh Harbor on your private charter yacht and make your way to Elbow Cay and witness the 89-foot-tall Elbow Reef Lighthouse.

Once you sail away from the great lighthouse, you can stop by Pelican Cay, home of the Land and Sea Park. Pelican Cay is a land of birds, fish, and alluring plant life, spread over an expansive 2100 acres. Next, sail to the unique tourist site known for its famous swimming pigs.

No Name Cay is home to a colony of wild pigs who enjoy the occasional cool dip. Once you leave the piggies to their Bahamian paradise, you can witness more natural sea creatures like sea turtles and morays within the waters of Whale Cay.

As you cruise in your rental yacht among sparkling Bahamian waters, take in the beauty of Green Turtle Cay known for its museum, sculpture gardens and spectacular beach, and Great Guana Cay. Feel like golfing? A championship golf course waits for your hole-in-one near Treasure Cay, which also boasts a famous crescent shaped beach. Is diving your thing? Head to Man-O-War Cay and enjoy the USS Adirondack, 

Bahamas Abacos pigs
Bahamas Abacos Hope Town

lying beneath the waters for your pleasure since 1862.

This delightful archipelago’s unique array of activities also includes sinking your toes into unspoiled beaches, enjoying bonefishing, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, diving, and so much more. Schedule your next yacht charter to the Bahamas Abaco Islands and experience a banquet of opportunities, along with that splendid Bahamian magic.

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