American author Ernest Hemingway called the Bimini Islands his home for two years, and it is no mystery why. Bimini is known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World. It was on these islands that Hemingway spent his days angling—growing a deep love and understanding for the sport, and paving the way for some of his most famous works. Bimini is the USA’s closest Bahamian neighbor. This charter destination is only 51 miles away from the Miami coastline, making it a prime choice for your Bahamas yacht charter.

Bahamas Bimini

Along with its historical pedigree, the Bimini Islands are filled with myth and legend. Prepare to feel young again, because this group of islands is believed to have housed the legendary Fountain of Youth. Though the mythical fountain does not reside on the island, a famous commemorated freshwater well does.

The mythic quality of the Bimini Islands doesn’t end with the Fountain of Youth. Before you depart, make sure to pay a visit to the Bimini Road. The underwater Bimini Road is a rock formation that goes in a straight line from northeast to southwest. The limestone blocks are rectangular, giving it the

look of a submerged, ancient road, hence its name. Some believe the road to be the remnants of Atlantis!

Yet there are even more spectacular sights and activities for your luxury rental yacht cruise in Bimini. One of these sights is the beautiful wreckage of the SS Sapona. This concrete-hulled ship was grounded by a hurricane in 1926. It now serves as a popular diving spot for those who want to visit its artificial reef.

To enjoy fishing, history and of course the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean, pay the mythical Bimini Islands a visit during your upcoming yacht charter and enjoy the best the Bahamas have to offer!

Bahamas Bimini island

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