Harbour Island

Take one sunny stroll across the soft, pink sands of Harbour Island, and you’ll see why it’s a top destination for any Bahamas yacht charter. Harbour Island’s distinct pink beaches are one of its most defining features and part of the reason it ranks among the best beaches in the world. The beachside is speckled with wonderful restaurants, and the surrounding crystalline ocean is excellent for sport fishing and bonefishing. The setting sun on the vibrant, pink sand is a magical experience that will make this a charter to remember.

Bahamas Harbour Island

At just about three miles long and half a mile wide, the small island exudes a wealth of possibilities for entertainment during your luxury yacht rental cruise.  Dunbar Town, the only town on the island, is the centerpiece of the island’s charming landscape. The settlement of Dunbar was founded in the 1800s as a shipyard and sugar refinement facility and to this day continues to sport gorgeous and timeless Georgian architecture. The town is home to several quaint gift shops, specialty shops, and art galleries, filled with unique tokens and gifts to mark your memories here. You may even experience a celebrity sighting on the streets of Dunbar Town as you explore and engage in the festivities that pop up on

this magical island.

Make Harbour Island a key stop during your Bahamas yacht charter, and succumb to its enchanting pink beaches and undeniably magnetic charm.

Bahamas Harbour Island turtle

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