Luxury Tourist Destinations Reimagined by AI

Feb 5, 2024

It’s very common for prospective holiday bookers to read online reviews prior to deciding where they want to go. However, while this is very understandable, paying too much attention to negative reviews can unfairly affect your perception of these locations and potentially put you off from visiting some truly incredible destinations.

To illustrate this, we’ve recreated some of the world’s most amazing luxury destinations using AI-generated images of their one-star reviews.

Suffice it to say, the results are more than a little disproportionate, and are likely very different from what you might actually find at those locations. Read on to find out what we mean…

St Barts

St Barts, a symbol of Caribbean luxury, often leaves visitors enchanted. However, according to certain reviewers, this paradise appears less than perfect.


  • “only about 25’ to 40’ of beach till the water – so more crowded”
  • “covered with seaweeds and you simply cannot enter the water”
  • “I had been to this beach 18 years ago and I do not remember it being as developed with parking and fencing”


Santorini’s iconic white and blue vistas are the stuff of legend. Yet, a few travelers find this Greek haven lacking. Complaints about overcrowding and commercialization in locations like Oia suggest a beauty marred by its own popularity. Other parts of the island are made to sound rough and unkempt.


  • “In Oia there will be thousands of tourists in very narrow streets, all trying to take pictures at the same time”
  • “dirty, dusty and hot”
  • “the assault of coaches, cars and wagons there on the pier! It seems an assault on a castle”

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo’s opulence is unmatched, but not every visitor leaves spellbound. Some negative reviews paint a picture of extensive overcrowding in the hotspots, while some areas look like construction sites.


  • “far too busy to take in the atmosphere… the fountain in the middle was inaccessible”
  • “Traffic, construction, crowds. Ugh”
  • “Lots of building work on the harbour so couldn’t get anywhere near”

Bora Bora

Bora Bora’s turquoise waters are synonymous with tranquility. However, a different story emerges according to a handful of reviews: This serves as a stark contrast to the commonly held image of a perfect tropical escape.


  • “very murky because of all the people there”
  • “very narrow beach. Lots of broken-down houses along the shore”
  • “the turtles are stuck in these blue tubs for hours”


Cancun is known for its vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches. Yet, some reviewers found the beaches to be dirty and full of seaweed, while people complained that other parts of the city were dilapidated or overcrowded. Other complaints even included the sighting of crocodiles near one of its malls…


  • “we took the bus to spend time at this beach and it was dirty and disgusting”
  • “the playgrounds aren’t safe enough to let your kids play on them”
  • “The vendors were very aggressive and the area is extremely crowded”
  • “I heard a huge rustle in the mangrove growth that separates the sidewalk from the lagoon and then heard the loud hiss of the crocodile”


Paris, the city of love and lights, isn’t immune to criticism. Certain online reviews describe a version of Paris tinged with disappointment due to overcrowding and dilapidation.


  • a run-down airport or huge mall… it looks like a dilapidated regional train station”
  • “Don’t bother visiting. Like a building site”
  • “hundreds of people… they were all crowded together, it was impossible even to breathe”


Venice’s enchanting waterways captivate many, but some find the city underwhelming, as our AI interpretations of negative reviews show. Overcrowding and issues with cleanliness give a poor counterpoint to its usual portrayal as a dreamy, floating city.

  • “the queues are enormous”
  • “a lot of garbage on the ground”
  • “the canals are dirty and so busy it is a boat highway”


When planning a holiday, it’s natural to turn to reviews for guidance. However, focusing solely on negative feedback can skew perceptions unfairly. These images based on one-star reviews serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a balanced view.

Every location has its own unique charm and challenges – embracing this complexity is key to enjoying the true essence of travel.


To create the study, we started by putting together a list of well-known luxury tourist destinations. We then collated publicly available one-star reviews found online for three of the most popular landmarks and attractions found in each destination.

Once we had their one-star reviews, we used AI image generators to create images showing how those landmarks and attractions would look when imbued with the characteristics described in their one-star reviews. Finally, the images of these landmarks were combined into our destination graphics.