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CaptainDuje Baucic Croatian 1981 Ship master 500 brt
Chief Officer – OwnerIvan Antišić Croatian 1960 Ship master 500 brt
Number of Crew: 5Languages: English, German, Spanish

Crew Profiles:
Duje Baučić, captain of the classic yacht GALLANT, was born in 1981. in Split, where he finished high school as a marine machinist.
After high school he was working on cargo ships for a few years, when he was given the opportunity to join Ivan Antišić on his former boat Tajna Mora as a deckhand/machinist. He has proven himself as a good employee, hardworking with a great interest in boats and nautical tourism. Within the next 10 years he patiently gathered experience starting from the lowest rank and clearing the deck, slowly progressed and then finally earned the title captain in coastal navigation.
This hardworking attitude and patience characterize him as a person, and guests love him because he is mild in nature but also very communicative. In his free time, he continues to spend his time in nature. Replacing the sea with mountains, he enjoys hiking and free climbing.
Nature has always been his driving force and that is why he enjoys nautical tourism so much because it allows him to show guests all the beauties of our breath-taking coast.

Growing up in a family that is one of the founders of nautical tourism in Croatia, Ivan Antišić could not go in any other direction in his life than in the direction of the sea and sailing. For more than 30 years now the sea and the boats have been the center of his universe. He was working as the skipper on large sailing yachts, technical director of a yacht company, fishermen and the owner of the fishing boat so he got to know the sea and nautical tourism from all perspectives.
This gave him the experience needed to step into This gave him the experience to step into marine tourism independently. With fresh ideas and gained experience, he built two new ships and reconstructed one from the ground up, always bringing innovations to Croatian nautical tourism, proving himself to be an excellent host. He did the same thing with his new project – classic motor yacht Gallant.
He wanted to bring life back into a wooden ship and give him new meaning and purpose. Starting only from the hull he built an almost new ship with one and only goal to provide guests with a new level of luxury. And with more than 30 years of experience in hospitality industry he was just the right person to do that.
In the meantime, he decided to gradually leave everything in the hands of young forces, trying to slowly train them and pass on to them the experience he had accumulated over the years. Therefore, now on Gallant he is Duje’s right hand. Ivan’s hobbies are cooking and oenology so he enjoys he can show his guests Croatia from this perspective.

Lazar, born in Bosnia and Herzegovina on September 20, 1996, after graduating from Maritime High School in Montenegro, embarks on a grand adventure of creating a maritime career. His work experience includes working on motor boats and gulets. In his desire to further develop, advance, and sharpen his skills in marine engineering, he acquired additional certifications.
As a member of the Gallant team, he is highly motivated and always works to his full potential by safety and quality guidelines. Colleagues describe him as a kind, friendly and hard worker. He speaks excellent English and German, and he spends his free time playing sports when he is not on the ship or in an additional seminar.

As a hostess, Jasminka has been a member of the Gallant crew for five years. During that time, she acquired an optimistic and cheerful nature that makes her guests feel welcome daily. A hardworking team player who is always ready to help any colleague at hand.
Her love for the sea was evident from an early age.
She was born on April 10, 1970, in Split, and after finishing high school, she became a maritime agent. She also worked on various ships until she joined Gallant, where you can see she is doing a job that suits her perfectly! Her hobbies are being in nature and exploring new places. And as for foreign languages English is the best choice, but he is also fluent in Spanish! And now she decided to learn German and Italian as well

Dragan, born on September 4, 1980, comes from Macedonia, where he attended culinary school. His passion for cooking has taken him worldwide, cooking for fine dining restaurants, hotels, and yachts.
Over the years, living in England, France, Austria, Germany, Kuwait, Nigeria, and Dubai, he worked his way up and developed his skills in gourmet cooking. With determination and passion, Dragan gradually became an expert in international and domestic cuisine and is always ready to create contemporary and challenging dishes.
It is outstanding in every way; it always aims to please and goes beyond that so that Gallant guests have the most pleasant culinary experience while on board.

Duje Baucic

Ivan Antisic
Owner/Cheff officer

Lazar Kisin

Jasminka Pinjušić

Dragan Davidovski

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